Saturday 1 December 2018

So Far, So Good...Moar WINNING.................from Rico

Voters, have become accustomed to (and now expect) the promises from the business-as-usual establishment political hacks of juicy steak every election cycle and have usually bought the HOPE of "sizzle" and gotten the CHANGE of "gristle" in the end.
- In so many words, voters are 'given the business'...and not in a good way.
Take a look at this snapshot of the "sizzling gristle" Barry shoved up America's rear end for eight years, and then compare it to the nice juicy steak Trump has been serving up so far.
- And all THIS with both wings of the establishment Uniparty (Democrats and RINO's, aided by 100% of the MSM) [read: political arsonists] bitterly opposing him tooth-and-nail every inch of the way. 
THIS is what WINNING looks like you RINO's-Democrats-MSM shlemiels [read: losers].
- It's also called KARMA. Ha-ha, fuck you!

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