Wednesday 5 December 2018

Superbowl? Meh.................from Rico

Like many, I have not watched one NFL (National Felon's League) game all year, much less wasted time or money attending one. I do not 'follow' any of their teams, how they are doing, etc...
- I must not be the only one, since ESPN's profits are significantly tanking, and stadiums remain half-empty.
This is what happens when the corrosive politics of the Left is allowed to politicize what was once entertainment for all.
- Fans were not 'entertained' by being lectured-to by their obviously inferior hectors.
Superbowl? What Superbowl?
- My "Team" wears camouflage BDU's and salutes the American flag.
Have I not yet said "Fuck the NFL and all SJW-Commies" yet?
- Well, excuse the Hell outta me! Fuck them all! [And I'm being 'nice' today, too...]

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