Monday 17 December 2018

What can her husband 'say'..................from Rico

What can her husband 'say' at this point?
- Nice 'job' honey?
I'm guessing they're liberals who didn't want to keep a skeery gun in the house for self-defense...
- Hubby might as well start wearing a man-bun [read: handle] in case it's his 'turn' next.


Lord T said...

Be interesting seeing what goes on his rap sheet. Could he claim he was offered this and that wasn't his objective in court. After all her hubby clearly isn't doing it for her when she gives a bad guy a blowie better than she gives hubby.

Formerlib said...

Another perk of gun ownership. Now her husband knows what he needs to do to get equal consideration -- he needs a gun!

That Second Amendment has been saving marriages for over 200 years now.