Wednesday 2 January 2019

Arkancide Gone National........................from Rico

The mysterious rash of unsolved 'suicides' and 'untimely deaths' which began in Arkansas during the early years of the Clinton's were so numerous and frequent that they became known as "Arkancides" to the locals.
- I've always referred to it as "Clintonitis" which is always fatal to anyone crossing and/or having 'dirt' on the most notorious criminal duo since Bonnie & Clyde.
With the Clintons rise to national prominence, and unabated by their criminal enterprise having gone international, "Arkancides" have spread like the Spanish Influenze right along with them.
- Coincidence? I think not.
Here's another victim of sudden fatal "Clintonitis" to add the the ever-growing list.
- Only 26, a young healthy journalist. The "flu?" Aunt Fanny.
Unfortunately the Benghazi Four, Joan Rivers, Seth Rich, and Vince Foster were unavailable for additional comment.

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