Saturday 26 January 2019

The Left Is Destroying Itself — Let’s Get Popcorn and Watch!


A crazy-eyed psychotic that is hell bent on destroying her own party. 
In the age of divisive and identity politics, everybody’s been gearing up between the big showdown between the left and the right.
Things are already tense — and in places like Portland — they’re not only tense, but getting increasingly more violent as well.
What’s making people like us giddy with joy is the way the left is consuming itself — and could very well end the left vs. right blow out that the country seems primed for.
What’s going on?

1 comment:

Dan said...

The 'left' is not destroying is destroying the old Democrat party as
it mutates into the latest version of the communist party. The communists have been infiltrating the Dem party since the 50's. They have also infiltrated the media, hollyweed and the ENTIRE US education system. They are now poised and positioned to destroy free America and replace it with yet ANOTHER version of their
"socialist workers paradise" (if you are unsure of what that actually means all
you need do is look at Venezuela TODAY to see the future of the US). Donald Trump was an unexpected bump in the road. But the fact that HALF OF AMERICA willingly voted for Cankles the killer speaks volumes. The fact that a walking brain donor spouting communist rhetoric was voted IN TO OFFICE is an ugly reality. The fact that we are AT WAR WITH ISLAM FOR OUR EXISTENCE yet we now have TWO STINKING CAMEL FUC*ING RAGHEADS IN CONGRESS is proof that America is COMMITTING SUICIDE. We as a civilized society have thrown open the gates and invited in the conquerors who have openly engaged in their efforts to destroy us with NO OPPOSITION. We deserve to be destroyed.