Wednesday, 13 February 2019

American MSM and Tax Reporting......................from Rico

The 'media' reporting on this is SO stupid, it made my eyes bleed when I read this headline:
Millions of Angry Americans Will End Up With A Smaller, Or No Refund This year
- And absolute drivel like this is presented as if this was somehow a bad thing. BAD BAD ANGRY!
The real 'head spinner' was this gem:
"...As millions of American taxpayers sift through the tax code..."
Oh, please! Throw me up against the wall and fuck me violently! Not even Congress can 'sift through' the tax code, nor the IRS...but average Americans can and do?
- Puh-lease! This is pure unicorn farts with sprinkles...
This is just the MSM doing what it does best, and does exclusively now...stirring the shit, creating hate, and spewing-forth unadulterated misinformation [read: propaganda und agitation] to (a) support their comrades the Democrats (C), and (b) try to convince the ignorant that Orange Man Bad!
- They know perfectly well that there are NOT a lot of "angry Americans" but they would like there to be. They also know perfectly well that there ARE a lot of "stupid Americans" that will swallow this BS without question.
- Oh, and be sure to vote Democrat in 2020 and "punish" the evil doers who took LESS in taxes from you, the Democrats will 'fix' that problem with 70%+ tax rates!
Two points:
1. Reduced tax withholding from paychecks = bigger take-home paychecks [for journaljism graduates read: more money in your pocket on payday Friday, every payday Friday].
- Of course, less withholding for taxes means smaller 'refunds' at the end of a year when you got to keep MORE of your cash money and had to pay LESS weekly in vigorish to Uncle Sugar. [read: Less money in Uncle's pocket]
2. Refunds are bad. Very bad.
- A 'refund' is NOT a present from your benevolent and kindly Uncle Sugar. It was YOUR money to begin with, not the gummint's!
- A 'refund' means you paid too much in taxes during the year, and gave a one-year, interest-free, loan to a bunch of asshole politicians who spend money more stupidly than a boatload of drunken sailors on shore liberty.
- A 'refund' also means you are truly a dumb-ass, and IF you think 'refunds are cool' then you probably think 'Commies are cool' and are likely a Democrat voter.

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