Tuesday 5 February 2019

From the Ministry of Silly Thoughts...................from Rico

EV's (Electric Vehicles) other than on a golf course [read:  golf carts] are silly, yet 'fashionable' as most au courant 'fashions' are [think: macaroni or doubleknit].
Can't afford to be 'silly' for $90K and acquire a Tesla5?
- Chinese Kaiyun EV's will be available soon for $9K. All top speed, 28mph, 75mi range, and 10hr recharge time included.
What was I just saying about golf carts?
It would make more sense (energy-saving and cost-wise) to bring back the 4cyl Willys "Jeep" that helped the Allies win WWII.
- Hell, for $9K each, you couldn't make them fast enough to meet the demand. I'd want one!


dlb said...

$9000 sounds like a great idea and I bet it would sell but with government regulations I doubt they could pull it off, no way they could sell one in california

pkerot said...

Another vote for a Willys