Saturday, 23 February 2019

Government: the Solution or the Problem?.......................from Rico

Since it's been more than a couple Super Bowls in the past...bearing in mind Orwell's words re: 'the horizons of their minds clouded by beer and football''s doubtful very many Americans will recall Ronaldus Maximus having said 'government is not the solution, it's the problem.'
Here is a 'reminder' of why Socialism is SO good, it has to be mandatory at gunpoint:
- Blue lines=prices subject to free market
- Red lines= prices subject to government regulation
Total=The more government is involved, the more expensive it is!
I refer to the BLS chart following [1998-2018] which reflects CPI overall increasing 56%. No inflation to see here...move along.
- While some prices increased more:
hospital care +211%
college tuition +183%
- Other prices increased less:
TV -97%
toys -74%
software -68%
cell service -53%

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