Saturday, 23 March 2019

And just like that, they suddenly HATE the Electoral College..............from Rico

Leftists are an untrustworthy lot, have been for a long time (remember the Stalin-Hitler non-aggression pact?...of course you don't, the institutes of higher indoctrination would never criticize two Socialists, especially not "Uncle Joe" Stalin as fellow-Leftist FDR called him) and this time it's the Electoral College that is in the Lefties crosshairs.
- When it's 'convenient' they like it...when it's 'inconvenient' then suddenly not so much.
In all fairness, it's not just that the Democrats [read: Socialists-Communists] HATE the Electoral College and are now pushing to get rid of it for being in their path to power...they HATE America and the Republic* even more than they LOVE being in control.
*In descending order of power, a Republic vs. a Democracy compared to Socialism:
- Republic - People, Local, State, Federal
- Democracy - Federal, State, Local, People
- Socialism - ALL you 'people' belong to the Government, and you will STFU & OBEY.

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grayjohn said...

That's how everything works these days. One second it's just fine, next second it's Satan's diarrhea. the idea is to keep everyone in fight or flight mode, depressed, anxiety ridden, and immobilized.