Tuesday, 19 March 2019

FOX did What? WTF?................from Rico

I stopped watching any TV years ago when it became clear that it was no longer entertainment but 'programming' instead.
- I have long refused to get my 'news' from TV for the same reason...about when it became 'infotainment' and long before it became blatant propaganda...instead relying upon 'reliable' sources like Pravda.
I stopped watching anything on FOX for the same reason...about when the original "Married With Children" stopped airing...including their version of the news.
- Now this!
Known fraud, liar, cheater and long-time Clintonian Crime Family Capo Donna Brazile has been 'hired' by FOX.
- WTF? They are not even trying to 'pretend' to be 'news' anymore, or to 'hide' what they ALL really are up to.
TV is pure Bullshit today...


Mark Matis said...

Not only did they hire Donna, but they fired Jeanine. But what else would one expect from Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill? No, one does not have to be a politician to earn that title.

Mark Matis said...

And even better, now there's this:

and this:

Fox is nothing more than Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill.