Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Hucking Filarious, and True!..................from Rico

Tired of being 'bitched at' for leaving the seat up?
- Yeah, I know it takes the same amount of effort for them to put it 'down' as it does for you to put it 'up'....but that's NOT the point of the 'nagging' over it.
The 'point' is to 'house break' you [read: (a) train, (b) bitch-whip] to obey their whims and commands.
- Naw. No thanks...
Meanwhile, it serves as a 'distraction' from the main issue: guys exist (to some of them) only as a walking wallet with a penis unfortunately attached to pay their way through life, and not to live a man's life.
- Pro-tip: Avoid the ones who 'think' men should sit to pee. Trust me on this one...they're really nucking futs!

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Mark Matis said...

On the other hand, if you want some fun, put the seat down when you're done, but after you then wash your hands, (You DO wash your hands, right?) shake them dry over the seat. And when the screaming starts, just meekly say "I forgot it was down!"

Or do you not have any balls?