Tuesday, 19 March 2019

See You [CU] later 'Gator.................from Rico

Aussie's have a good sense of humour!
- This is a damned clever way to 'promote' the New Territories [NT]. Bwahahahhaha!!!
Just bought one for the cupboard above the coffee percolator.
My 'new' coffee cup will pair nicely with my 'old' Queensland Chip Enterprises baseball cap that I was 'presented' with in lieu of a nasty bar fight many years ago in SEA.
- Wore that fucker proudly in most of Asia's red light districts at one time or another too...and 'noted' the Aussies who would happily smile and give me a big thumbs up over their beers and/or over the shoulder of a pretty beer bar girl as I passed by on foot.
Good times!

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captcraig said...

OK, where do I get one?