Friday, 22 March 2019

Stellar NEWS this morning!................from Rico

Simply STELLAR 'news' this morning!
- Outstanding!!
Validates my earlier 'choice' to make the Appalachians my 'Summer' mountain, home over urban shit holes like Chicago, D.C., or Detroit.
Cherokee County, NC has declared itself a "Gun Sanctuary County" to protect the right* (not privilege) of private gun ownership from gun-grabbers.
- Operative words: Private, as in 'my property, NOT yours' and/or NOYFB (None Of Your Fucking Business).
*A 'right' exists separate and above anything a Government has any 'say' about...a 'privilege' may be granted, or withdrawn. Think about that for a moment.
PS - FYI: The MSM has been spreading the 'false story' that Kiwi's have been voluntarily turning-in their firearms upon their Government declaring them illegal.
- As a matter of FACT, so far, there have been THREE instances of this (all 'coincidentally' Leftists).

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sofa said...

So let me get this straight:
Sanctuary states don't follow federal law.
Sanctuary counties don't follow federal or state law.
Sanctuary cities don't follow federal, state, or county law.

So my person, is a sanctuary. ... And there is widespread precedent that entities do NOT have to follow federal, state, county, or city laws.