Saturday 30 March 2019

TAX-drunk Democrats [Socialists]................from Rico

TAXES 'n Democrats, something to (a) 'think about' between now and April 15th, and (b) 'remember' when you vote in 2020. 
- There are few things Democrats LOVE more than stuffing OPM (Other People's Money, YOUR money...never theirs) into the furnace of Big Government.
Surely you're 'heard' of Democrat-run New Jersey TAXING 'rain' by now. Democrat-run Connecticut just said "here, hold my beer and watch this!"
- CT SB 999 is a 'cat' TAX.
UnbeLIEvable you say?
- It's legal (the LAW) when Democrats make it legal.
FYI: Everything Hitler and the Nazi's did was legal (the LAW) too.
- Nazi's (National Socialists) and Democrats (Socialists), there is no difference between them today...(a) they're both Socialists, and (b) weaponized assholes.

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