Saturday, 23 March 2019

The Mueller Nothing Burger is served...................from Rico

Perfectly 'timed' for the "News" to be announced on you Deplorables will 'fergit' by Monday, 'ya rubes...was the end of the Libtard Mueller 'we got 'im this time fantasy.'
- After how many years of BS and million$ of taxpayer dollars wasted, the Mueller 'witch hunt' is ended as a yuge 'nothing burger' with Hillary 'not-so secret sauce' is served.
The 'usual suspects' who pushed this pure BS Hillary inspired and funded "Trump Russian Collusion" scam hardest hit.
- Schiff and Schumer publicly 'schitt' and Maddow 'cries on air'...the schadenfreude is sweet with this one.
So, if El Chapo's fortune can be seized as restitution for for his criminal activities, how about Ma Clinton's fortune?
- The American taxpayer is due some compensation for damages and pain & suffering...


Mark Matis said...

Far better to seize Soros fortune instead, for his RICO crimes. But the putrid stench in "Law Enforcement" and the "Legal" system are not about to do any such thing.

Angus ranch said...

Perhaps we need to approach Soros like we did with Al Capone and get him out of circulation the non lethal way.