Friday, 19 April 2019

How to make the Democrats STOP................from Rico

The 'push' by Democrats (C) for illegals and felons to become voters is 'triggered' (see what I did there, snowflakes?) by Americans NOT wanting to vote Democrat, and increasingly screaming "Stop, just STOP!" at Democrats.
A very recent example of incandescent Democrat dumbassery was Rep. Al Green D-TX of the House Financial Services Committee saying to the CEO's of America's largest seven banks "You appear to be white men."
- Proving that you do not have to be a dumbass to be a Democrat, but it sure helps!
Well, Al...American voters (if they still had a representative 'voice' and had not been literally sold-down-the-river by corrupticrats in CONgress like YOU) would likely retort that "You appear to be a Neanderthal" but are too toxicly Cro-magnon to articulate that thought out loud.
But, all that said, take heart America and be of good cheer. There IS a surefire way to make the Democrats Stop their madness!
- Just run out of money...

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