Thursday, 4 April 2019

Shit Hole Theory Explained..................from Rico

The truth hurts, but I'm tired of being comforted by the 'cultural equivalency' lies and BS from the Left.
The wasted space which was to become Rhodesia briefly, reverted to being wasted space [read: Zimbabwe] in short order...just as soon as they 'solved' that toxic white male 'problem' with majority rule.
- The same story of 'reversion to the mean' is taking place right now in what used to be South Africa.
In one photograph, the shit hole that always has been Africa is "explained" for Liberal dumb asses.


matism said...

Shithole theory is even BETTER explained by those two 737 Max crashes. Chimpanzees trying to do brain surgery. The recovery procedure for the MCAS issue is the same as the recovery procedure for runaway stabilizer trim. The symptoms are the same, and EITHER can prang you into the ground just as quickly. And both emergency procedures are memory checklist items, which the pilots are supposed to know by heart before being qualified to fly the plane. Even better is the fact that the Lion Air flight before the crash had the same problem, but luckily there was a third pilot sitting in the jump seat who RECOGNIZED the problem and REMEMBERED the emergency checklist and talked the two chimps in the seats through it. But then they DIDN'T BOTHER to report that after the flight, because chimps. So now Boeing must pay.

If you're stupid enough to fly these days, look into the cockpit as you board the plane. If you see fourth world or third world, get the hell off that plane if you value your life.

By the way, even MORE special is the fact that the Lion Air chimps initially ran the recovery procedure and recovered, but then TURNED THE SYSTEM BACK ON:

justbob said...

Still do not understand the wheel.