Wednesday, 24 April 2019

The Fall of Notre Dame Symbolizes The Fall of France..................from Dan T

Millions watched the live broadcasts of the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris going up in flames, but my attention was drawn to moving news tape at the bottom of the screen. As the flames engulfed the roof and the spire it stated that the authorities had categorically ruled out arson.

As the tape progressed across the screen it then stated that the authorities intended to initiate a thorough investigation into the cause of the fire.

Categorically ruling out arson while the fire is still spreading, and before an investigation into its cause, was bound to invite suspicion from the inquisitive.

Due to the censorship routinely employed by the government the world was unaware that Christian places of worship in France had been subjected to a campaign of desecration for some time with twelve churches desecrated in the week preceding the fire.

These included the equally iconic Churches of St Sulpice and St Raphael which were severely damaged and set alight in an arson attack.

We now know that over eight hundred churches have been attacked in France previous to the Notre Dame fire so how the authorities can rule out arson or foul play when the fire is still spreading and before an investigation is completed requires an explanation. 

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Anonymous said...

The 2 biggest terrorist groups in the world today:

1) Muslims
2) Secularist/Atheists

And both of them hate Christians and Christianity with a passion!!!

Given that this is France, I would guess about 50/50 on which group set any given fire at any given church!!!