Monday, 29 April 2019

The Tequila Diet?........from Rico

By now most of us know that 'sugar' is bad for you, right?

- Not exactly, just like cholesterol [HDL vs LDL, aka Bad-Good] there is Bad Sugar and Good sugar.

Soft drinks years ago replaced 'sugar' with a cheaper...and worse...sweetener called HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). This crap is in everything today to enhance flavor...almost anything and everything 'processed' (white bread, ketchup, you get this idea) and like sugar it makes you fat, it just makes you fat even faster, which is why it was first used in cattle feed btw.

Alcohol has sugar in it. Unless you are drinking vodka, it can have a lot of sugar in it (like wine), but even Lite Beers now use HFCS to improve the flavor. But I digress...

- Back to the Bad Sugar-Good Sugar topic. Specifically TEQUILA.

Thanks to the American Chemical Society which has done a study, we learn that Tequila has properties that are good for you...well, if you only have a 'shot' a day. More than that can be a big factor in getting your ass kicked or dressing/behaving like PeeWee Herman.

- Tequila has a natural sugar from the agave plant called "agavin" which: aids digestion (it contains probiotics), lowers blood sugar levels, and can help in weight loss.

What the Hell, I'm "in"...cue the Leningrad Cowboys musical version of the tune "Tequila."

- I very much doubt it will replace the taste of fine Scots whiskey, but if Mexican doctors can prescribe it for the common cold, it might be worth a try to 'field test' the results/effects myself.

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Anonymous said...

How bout the tequila chased by a shot of J+B?...