Sunday, 14 April 2019

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad....................from Rico

J.P. Morgan chart of Asset Class returns annualized over 20-years (1999-2018).
I nailed two out of the top three, but missed a perfect trifecta.
- Is that Meat Loaf I 'hear' in the background? [Two Out of Three Ain't Bad].
Interesting to note that JPM has amassed a YUGE hoard of physical Silver Bullion, and they are still acquiring more of it.
- Is it a monetary hedge or predictive of increased future industrial use [think: electronics, it's a wonderful conductor of electricity], or both?
- Is it an appreciation of a currently undervalued asset class?
Whatever it is, JPM is clearly bullish on the asset class and has been for a while. They did not become THE biggest Bank in the world by being stupid.
- So, with rock music mentally playing...yours truly 'ponders' whether Silver as an asset class is (a) 'third time's a charm' opportunity and due for a future price spike upwards [Bat Out of Hell], or (b) 'three on a match' and an express elevator straight down [Highway to Hell]?
Interesting, at any rate and worth further considering...

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