Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Welcome to the 'Dark Ages v.2.0'...............from Rico

Churches in EUropastan are vandalized, set on fire, and used as latrines by devout Muslims every day...but the lapdog press (both there, and here) make a point of NOT telling anyone about it.
- No need to hold their ears, they 'know' their job...and who their masters are.
It was no 'accident' or 'coincidence' that the +900-yr old Christian cathedral of Notre Dame was set on fire by Muslims 'celebrating' Christian Easter any more than their usual way of 'celebrating' Ramadan and Eid by blowing themselves, one another, and others up is accidental or coincidental.
- THIS is just more of the 'cultural enrichment' and 'diversity is strength' on open display.
Cultural and Religious Rape in the name of Allah (Bacon Be Upon Him).
Maybe it will 'help' if you just accept it and think of it as 'rape' like that other epidemic EUrope has welcomed from Africa/Islam.
- The West is 'assimilating' to Islam, not the other way around, and Islam promises another 'Dark Age' for the West.

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Anonymous said...

Do you know that Muslims destroyed Notre Dame. Please post links