Thursday 18 April 2019

What Difference Does It Make?: Spygate vs. Watergate...............from Rico

Spygate vs. Watergate.
- In the infamous words of the Red Queen of Corruption, HMF Hillary Clinton aka Felonia von Pantsuit:
       "What difference does it make?"
Nixon's "Watergate" was nothing compared to Obama's "Spygate" except that:
- Nixon was a Republican, so the Democrats hogpiled on him and made a mountain out of a molehill. [Call it revenge for Nixon winning the Presidency over a Democrat Loser by winning 49 states.]
- Obama is a Democrat, so the Democrats circle-the-wagons for 'one of their own' and are attempting to make a mountain into a mole hill. [Call it revenge for Trump having the audacity of winning and replacing two of their premier Losers...Obama & Hillary].
Democrats, simultaneously defining both Losers and Sore Losers for decades.

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