Friday 19 April 2019

What's YOUR currency 'backed' with?...............from Rico

What is YOUR national fiat currency 'backed' with?
- If it's the good faith and credit of your government [read: a political 'promise'] then you are already tattooed, blued, and just waiting to be screwed.
Doubt me?
Consider THIS:
- The BOJ (Bank of Japan) is now one of the top-ten owners of 50% of ALL Japanese companies. [read: private holdings owned with public money.] no particular order...the Sheeple, Keynesians, Socialists, Progressives and Democrats [read: dumb shits] this translates into privatize the profits/rewards, socialize the risk/costs.
Do you seriously 'think' it's 'different' anywhere else? [think: Fed, Bank of England, Deutsche Bank, et al].
- The entire 'Western' financial/banking system is: (a) nationalized, (b) propped-up with un-backed, printed from thin air, fiat money [read: fake, but backed by political promises].
Russia, China, and India excluded of course...they actually have Gold (neither trusting in, nor believing empty political 'promises'), and it's worth remembering that who holds the Gold makes the Rules while bullshit walks...

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