Thursday, 16 May 2019

Social Security Pending Insolvency..................from Rico

Q: What are the 'odds' that Congress will completely fail to do anything about this? [After all, they're too 'busy' trying to undo the 2016 election results and/or running as 2020 hopefuls.]
A: About the same as the MSM even talking about it.
Starting THIS YEAR Social Security expenses will be greater than revenues [think: payroll taxes, interest income, and from taxing SocSec 'benefits'].
- By 2034-35 Social Security will exhaust it's 'reserves' and officially be insolvent [for politicians read: broke].
But at least the US deficit is out of control, so Americans have that going for them.
- Americans used to save, now they just borrow and spend.
....this will not end well.



Ze calamity, she is coming.

Anonymous said...

they'll "fix" it the same way they "fixed" it in the 80's. double the ssi tax and hope no one notices.