Thursday, 16 May 2019

Social Security Pending Insolvency..................from Rico

Q: What are the 'odds' that Congress will completely fail to do anything about this? [After all, they're too 'busy' trying to undo the 2016 election results and/or running as 2020 hopefuls.]
A: About the same as the MSM even talking about it.
Starting THIS YEAR Social Security expenses will be greater than revenues [think: payroll taxes, interest income, and from taxing SocSec 'benefits'].
- By 2034-35 Social Security will exhaust it's 'reserves' and officially be insolvent [for politicians read: broke].
But at least the US deficit is out of control, so Americans have that going for them.
- Americans used to save, now they just borrow and spend.
....this will not end well.

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