Thursday, 13 June 2019

Elton John And Jim Radford – Rocketman and The Patriot................from Dan T

When Reginald Kenneth Dwight was born in March 1947, Jim Radford was a veteran of the Normandy landings which signalled the beginning of the end of Hitler’s Third Reich and the Nazi occupation of Europe. At nineteen years old he was also the youngest participant in that mighty endeavour where so many lost their lives in the cause of freedom.

Using his talents as a singer and song writer, and rebranded as Elton John, Reginald went on become a global superstar in the entertainment world giving pleasure to millions and making a well-earned fortune in the process.

Jim Radford was also a talented singer and songwriter but lacking the showmanship and flamboyance of Reginald he didn’t make the breakthrough or the millions. Instead he became a peace campaigner and a volunteer in various organisations dedicated to helping the poor, the homeless and the downtrodden.

Elton John’s charitable efforts raised millions for his AIDS Foundation which has earned him accolades from a broad spectrum of admirers including the Royal Family.

That’s where the similarity ends. In contrast to Jim’s exemplary life and his selfless devotion to duty and public service, Elton John chose a life of drug and booze fuelled hedonism with a touch of debauchery thrown in for dessert.

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