Wednesday 10 July 2019

Epstein - Think about THIS for one moment...................from Rico

I have seen some hand-wringing and pillow-biting about Trump's AG Barr 'recusing himself from the Epstein sex-trafficking case.
- A can of worms that threatens DC (the District of Criminals), the Democrat elites (we dindu nuffin'), Hollyweirdo's (explanation of deviancy not needed) and other rich-famous pedophiles.
NO. This is NOT of the same tenor as Jeff Sessions 'recusal' was. Pay close attention:
- Trump's AG Barr is ONLY 'recused' from past, closed, Epstein cases...NOT from pending/new Epstein cases!
A whole lotta 'important' people should be simultaneously (a) pissing their pants, and (b) lawyering-up right now.
- And getting a good night's sleep? Fuggadeaboudid…

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