Wednesday 7 August 2019

American Left: Long on Emotion, Short on Reality..................from Rico

The 'collective' American Left (Democrat's & MSM) are too busy pushing their agenda [read: 1. Orange Man Bad, 2. Gun Control, 3. Socialism Good...despite being fact & evidence free...] trying to score political points against their enemy/opposition [read: America,Trump and You in that order] doing their hysterical blood dance in the wake of the latest shooting tragedy.
- No time or desire to report that the shooters were crazy, violent, Leftists. Doesn't 'fit' the narrative or agenda.
While their Liberal BS sucks the oxygen out of the 'news' they apparently do not have time to tell you that Socialist Venezuela ended 2018 with a 1,698,488% inflation rate...or that Socialist [former: Rhodesia] currently has 'only' a 588% inflation rate.
- Doesn't fit the narrative or agenda.

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