Friday 9 August 2019

Got Your Flu Shot Yet?...................from Rico

Forget "stickin' it to the man" "the man is stickin' it to you!"
It's that time of year...the Influenza Vaccine is already being "pushed."
- It's August, well before 'cold & flu season' WTF? WHY the PUSH?
I'm NOT going into Anti-Vaxxer Land and discussing the preservatives (like thimerasol or mercury) used in vaccines here, but instead following the money. WHO PAYS and CUI BONO [who benefits?].
- Scams/crimes are often committed to the benefit of the perp, usually not to the victim...although today many are 'disguised' behind the mask of "it's for your own good."
- The 'Flu vaccine' hype is a case in point.
- The CDC admits that for at least 10 years the historic 'effectiveness' of the Influenza Vaccine has been around 20%
- Rice did a study that predicted a 19% effectiveness for 2018.
- Kaiser-Permanente has said the Influenza Vaccine was "relatively ineffective."
= Take away: It doesn't really 'work' that well at all.
- Remember the ACA aka ObamaCare? It required ALL insurance plans to cover the cost of the Influenza Vaccine. "Free." [read: paid for by the insurance premium paid by the insured].
- Under Medicare the Influenza Vaccine is "free" [read: paid for by the happy taxpayer].
- Without insurance, the retail cost at Walgreen's, CVS, Walmart, etc runs about $40 on average, and about $67 for a 'seniors' hi-dose.
- The Influenza Vaccine is produced by private manufacturers. Between 151 million an 166 million doses are made per year.
- If the Influenza Vaccine 'worked' there would be a demand for it. It does not work, ergo there is no real has to be 'created.'
- There is a LOT of money at stake [read money to be made].
- Using the low-side $40/dose x 151-166 million doses, gawrsh...that's between $6 & 7 trillion dollars.
- Given that it's been decades since anything came out of a bought-and-paid-for CONgress or 'Gummint' that was actually for the good of the people, yet greatly accrued to the benefit of the special interests that now 'own' them, I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count.
- Of course, everyone along the way gets their 'beak wet'...manufacturers, dose vendors,insurance companies, legislators....just NOT the consumer and/or taxpayer.


Cargosquid said...

Billion...not Trillion for the flu vaccine profit.

Just thought you would like to know

Anonymous said...

Under Why The Push, your arithmetic is off by 3 orders of magnitude. It's $6 to 7 billion. Still a lot, but now it's only a couple stealth bombers worth.