Wednesday 18 September 2019

2020: Which Will Be Kept, the Threats or the Promises. or....?.....................from Rico

Threats & Promises 2020
Which will be kept? ....or will BOTH?
Beto aka "the Fake Mexican" aka Robert Francis O'Rourke threatens to TAKE your AR's & AK's America.
- Have you noticed that NONE of the skatey-eight other, Democrat 2020 wannabe's have disavowed or rebuked his dress-wearing silly ass on this?
Many have retorted "Hell NO Beto" and promised not to comply voluntarily.
- Others silently are standing by to hoist the "COME AND TAKE IT" flag saying their "AR's are ready."
God have mercy on us all if BOTH are kept, because in that sorry event there will be NO MERCY AT ALL and the black flag [read: no quarter] will then fly on both sides of the Deplorables vs Socialists divide.
A final note:
If you have ever heard the USMC maxim "Every Marine a Rifleman" think of the ramifications and consequences of this: "Every American a Marine."

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