Tuesday 10 September 2019

Democrats - Party of Moronic Contradictions......................from Rico

America's Democratic party today is no longer the party of Truman or JFK.
- They would be alt-right, white-privileged, toxic males, racist, offensive, and blah-blah-blah (whatever nonsensical gibberish they are currently spouting) to them.
Democrats today are a party of Moronic Contradictions:
- DACA vs Reparations?
- Trump is a racist?
- Income inequality [say Beyonce MF'ers]?
- Illegal aliens voters instea of eportees?
- Won't deport 11 million illegals because it's 'too hard' but want to confiscate 16 million AR-15's?
Give me a break!
- You are all nucking futs!

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