Monday 9 September 2019

It's for your saaafety, and for your own good.................from Rico

Liberals aka Democrats have been dreaming of 'gun banning/confiscation' for a very long time. They are positively OCD on the issue.
- Remember Billy BJ's 'assault weapons' band?
- Probably not so much this 1991 book that predicted the manufactured 'mass shooting' hysteria to effect the push for scrapping 2A.
Which is more dangerous?
- Knives or Hillary Clinton? Go ahead and ask London's Mayor Saddiq Khan why don't you? [yeah, I know, nobody wants to even hear Hillary's voice, much less be in her proximity if they can help it.]
Well, my retort is similar to one of my ATF t-shirts that says "alcohol, tobacco, and firearms should be a convenience store and NOT a federal agency." [attached germane]
- And here is my favorite peep sight saying "right back at 'ya" to the gun-grabbers [read: Commie Constitution-shredders].

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