Friday 13 September 2019

Leftists - Faking it....................from Rico

The Leftists are persistent, if not overly bright.
- They have been living the fantasy of "fake it, until you make it" for more decades than I care to remember.
The ONE constant (setting-aside the fact that they are completely full of shit) is that if at first they don't succeed, the will lie, lie again until they do.
I well remember when the 'it sounded good in theory, but didn't prove out in reality' Malthusian Theory died a lingering death from stupidity and was replaced by the Lefties...let's say 'transformed' into Deforestation.
- The progression of utter BS since then [attached] has been as breathlessly 'pushed' upon the masses as it has been breathtakingly wrong.
How many of these "oh no, we're all gonna die" manufactured and imaginary crises have you suffered through? 
- Yeah, there's been a lot of BS filler along the way too like 'holes in the ozone layer' because of refrigeration, 'Swine Flu' and 'Bird Flu' ad nauseum. And let us not forget the fiction of 'alternative energy' (wind, solar, clicking your ruby slippers) which manages to completely ignore the 'alternative' part as these 40# brains infer they're functional energy 'replacements.'
It has long since become more than tiresome, but is becoming alternately ridiculous and fucking annoying.
- Yet, defining the definition of insanity they continue to pull the same shit while expecting different results.

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