Sunday 22 September 2019

Never coming back, and can't go back...................from Rico

Wow, just wow!
Back when I was a boy in the 1960's, anything with wheels and a motor was 'cool' but the "Honda 50" (aptly-named, they were 49cc) motorbikes popularized by the beach Boys was IT. Electric starter, 4-stroke. Everyone wanted one. [see attached: they were mostly red-and-white]
- I did too, but I was 'lucky' to have a 100cc Italian bike, 2-stroker with only a kick-start (yeah, the oil constantly fouled the plug). But I digress...
Nostalgia bites hard!
- I just 'discovered' a running, complete, maintained, decent condition, pair of 1971 Honda C-70's, along with a virtually identical 1980. They are exact duplicates of the "50's" sold in the 1960's, fairings and all, just re-branded "70's" (although still 49cc). 
I almost bought one of 'em on the spot! But...on reflection, despite a very reasonable/affordable 'asking' price, and a strong nostalgic 'itch' to add to my toy collection, I had to ask myself WTF would I really do with a 50-year-old motorbike (besides replacing old worn parts and performing a lot of maintenance)? Would I really ride it?
- Sure, one of these would look awfully nice in the living room, but would make a lousy coffee table.
I can buy a new 'classic look' motorcycle with fewer headaches, more reliability, plus greater cc that I would actually enjoy riding worry-free...and thus ride.
Sigh. I think I'll "pass" on making a deal, but with admittedly with some regret.
...50 years was a long time ago; it's never coming back, and I can never go back.



Robert the Biker said...

Ummm..... I the to scratch your rose coloured glasses, but the step through Hondas (50,70,and 90cc)were NOT electric start in the sixties, or even a decade or two later. I had an S90 as my first bike, the four speed sportier version, kick start only. You didn't get the electric foot till you got to the 125 and 250 twins.

Eskyman said...

Back in the '60s I really wanted a Honda 50, several of my friends got one courtesy of their dads; since I had to pay for one myself, I had to settle for a Lambretta LD125 from 1952. It cost $65, licensed and running (if you pushed it long enough or had a hill handy. The kick-starter worked but didn't start it. It ended up being a mean machine, a year or so later!)

Around 1970 the Honda Super Cub C-70 came out; and you do them a disservice, they actually had a 72cc displacement, far better than the 49ccs of the Honda 50!