Wednesday 18 September 2019

NOYFB Big Brother.....................from Rico

When 'smart' is not-so-smart!
- Consider that no one is saying that's really "None Of Your Fucking Business" to career politicians OR the equally pervasive and invasive 'Smart' technologies being peddled to a naive public.
Nearly 70% of American households have a 'smart' TV, or a Roku, Fire, or an Apple TV.
- Nearly ALL have 'recognition technology' that tracks what the user watches and sells that sensitive user data to advertisers and nosy assholes like FakeBook and Google.
And it's NOT just 'smart' TV's, but other 'smart' devices [think: speakers, cameras] sending your user data to third parties.
While you are watching 'entertainment' you are in turn being 'watched' and 'given the business.'
How many fingers am I holding up Winston?

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