Thursday 26 September 2019

The Democrats in Wonderland.................from Rico

Still reeling from the unexpected Hillary 'loss' of a rigged campaign and election in 2016, the Democrat's...bluntly, got nuthin!'
How seamlessly and swiftly did they transition from the phony Russiagate to the equally phony Racism to the You Crane?
- Desperate to remove the 'bad orange man' who stands in the way of their finishing the murder of America that was begun under Obama nee' Soetoro, the keep channeling their inner Wile E. Coyote and making shit up.
They've been liars and phonies for so long, they apparently forgot there are consequences for their rabid brand of shameless partisan demagogery.
Anyone who was still ignorant of the fact these people use a polite Southern term here...shit heels has been woken up by this latest self-inflicted FIASCO.
Take away? It's the Dem's who 'colluded' with Russia (and other foreign powers) to throw the 2016, and they are the very ones who need to be IMPEACHED.

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