Friday 20 September 2019

Vote Democrat 2020! What could possibly go wrong?................from Rico

How is it that virtually ALL of the Democrat (C) 2020 aspirants are liars, fakes, criminals and Communists?
- Simple, that is the "talent pool" they have to draw from these days, and all of the above are prerequisites for these career, professional, morons.
So, while they try to 'sell' the collective wisdom of ignorance to voters (h/t H.L. Mencken), bear in min what they have on 'offer'...
- Higher Taxes
- More Government
- Less Freedom
                            and not least
- like the petty criminal, soy-boy and life-long bum BETO...taking your guns [read: Constitutional rights].
Sure, you can 'trust' any and all of them, so remember to Vote Democrat 2020!
             What could possibly go wrong?

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