Tuesday 1 October 2019

Guys and Dolls.................from Rico

Efforts of the 'Progressive Left' an Gay Mafia to cornfuse the gullible among us notwithstanding, it's a basic matter of DNA. You're either XX or XY, and there are NOT 57-different types.
Sure, the beta males have been 'conned' into thinking that Man Buns/Bitch Buns are cool, as is dressing like a girl...but I remember when the fashion craze was 'hair permanents' for men, because the women thought it looked cute.
- Yeah, it DID look cute...it also looked really stupid, and in the accepted vernacular of the day 'gay.'
The attached has held true since before recorded history, and it will remain true despite the delusional fantasies running amok today.
- It's twue, IT's TWUE!

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