Friday 4 October 2019

The Democrat Party is Dying.................from Rico

Everyone has 'notice' the smell of decay, except them.
- They are too busy going absolutely 'coup-coup' to pay attention to their own national, and very public, demise.
They never had a viable 'field of candidates to even dream about taking-on Trump and smacking-down the Deplorables to start with.
- Now Comrade Bernie has heart 'issues' while Gropin' Joe has nepotism/pay-for-play i$$ues; Lizzie 'Liawatha' will never find the exit to the teepee of BS she has built around herself.
- Kamala-toe and Mayor Bootygiggles were never really 'in' the running, and are there just for...ahem, color.
- Comrade Bill deBolshevik has dropped-out, as will the rest of the eminently forgettable clowns.
So far, a very typical Democrat cluster-fuck and goat-rope.
What is their plan to save their asses (pun intentional, they're Donk's remember?)?
The RED QUEEN Hillary HERself!
- Just like Socialism, just because it's never 'worked' before, and has a proven track record of abject failure, why 'change' things when you've finally got it going on?
Yeah, that's their plan.
- It's all they've got. Even their usual massive voter fraud, rigging, and cheating is factored-in, it's still not enough, and this NOT being a game of horseshoes...close isn't gonna be 'good enough.'
As Curly Bill famously said: "Well, bye!"

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