Monday, 25 November 2019

Making America's Courts Great Again.....................from Rico

This is worth paying attention to.
While the Donk's (C) and their Libtard allies in the MSM are busy with their Schiff-show, or whatever 'cranial-rectal inversion' du jour strikes their fevered fancy, Trump is Making America's Courts Great Again.
When Trump took office, only FOUR [4] of the THIRTEEN [13] Appeals Courts had a majority of GOP appointees.
- Dem's appoint fellow-Libturds [think: 9th circus], while GOP appointees tend to be more conservative [read: sane].
The GOP-controlled Senate has "flipped" the 2d, 3rd, and 11th Courts of Appeal from Blue to Red.
- Math for Congresscritters: Now SEVEN [7] of them are Red...not FOUR [4]. And more are slated ahead...
WINNING against these Libtard LOSERS!
- Making America's Courts Great Again!


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