Monday 25 November 2019

Making America's Courts Great Again.....................from Rico

This is worth paying attention to.
While the Donk's (C) and their Libtard allies in the MSM are busy with their Schiff-show, or whatever 'cranial-rectal inversion' du jour strikes their fevered fancy, Trump is Making America's Courts Great Again.
When Trump took office, only FOUR [4] of the THIRTEEN [13] Appeals Courts had a majority of GOP appointees.
- Dem's appoint fellow-Libturds [think: 9th circus], while GOP appointees tend to be more conservative [read: sane].
The GOP-controlled Senate has "flipped" the 2d, 3rd, and 11th Courts of Appeal from Blue to Red.
- Math for Congresscritters: Now SEVEN [7] of them are Red...not FOUR [4]. And more are slated ahead...
WINNING against these Libtard LOSERS!
- Making America's Courts Great Again!


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