Saturday 28 December 2019

Impeachment, President Trump and a Warning for Boris Johnson...............from Dan T

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. The plan was for Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 presidential election and complete the fundamental transformation of America into a one-party socialist state which was progressed to the point of success by that mysterious Senator with no background, Barry Soetoro.

Known to the world as Barack Obama, he and his handlers packed America’s most powerful and respected institutions with dedicated apparatchiks and nomenclature that would ensure the fundamental transformation, or seizure of power, was efficient, unopposed and could never be reversed.

With deep state operatives in position at the top of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, the Internal Revenue Service, etc. all that was required was for Hillary Clinton to win the presidential election.

A victory for Clinton would have been followed by an amnesty and voting rights for the tens of millions of illegal immigrants; this combined with open borders would ensure Democratic Party government and a socialist society in perpetuity.   

With ninety-five percent of the mainstream media on her side and a generation of dumbed down, brainwashed millennials mobilized in support, she lost to a dynamic patriotic businessman whose solemn promise was to put the American people first and Make America Great Again.

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Dan said...

Yes....Trump was an unexpected and inconvenient obstacle to the commie demonrats plans and agenda of destroying America. The truly sad fact is that as big an obstacle as he has been that is ALL he is.....a speedbump on the road to communism.
Whether he serves 4 years or 8 will make no difference in the long run. The commie left has been working since at least World War 2 to destroy America and turn it into a communist paradise....that THEY will rule. An 8 year hiatus...while in the grand scheme for them just annoyance. Trump and his tenure in office is NOT going to change the ultimate outcome. THAT will require civil war 2.0 and the execution of literally HUNDREDS of thousands of communists deeply embedded in the media, the "education" ( read indoctrination) system and the unelected bureaucracies that actually run the country. Without the extermination of the people who embrace and seek to impose communism on the rest of us there can never be a return to freedom. Those seeking to enslave us WILL NEVER give up and quit voluntarily. The ONLY way the stop trying to destroy us is when they die.

Daniel Thomas said...

Dan - you are not far off the mark with your analysis. Mrs. Thatcher was the biggest obstacle to the post war managed decline of Great Britain and its integration into a single, socialist European state.

After she was toppled by Europhiles in her own government the managed decline and integration into the EU continued at an accelerated pace.

The Iron Lady was in fact a temporary 11 year obstacle to the formation of this single European socialist state not its destroyer.

Despite Thatcher's 11 year endeavor the single European state is now closer than ever with Brexit being the final hurdle.

It is likely that the European Union will collapse without Great Britain which is why the ruling elite will use everything in their power to prevent it.

Boris Johnson must stay true to his word and stand firm or there will be no Brexit.

I fear that if President Trump or Johnson fail then violent upheaval will result.