Wednesday 8 January 2020

Paper = Physical Control Mechanism....................from Rico

Look Mortimer! Another simultaneous paper drive-by 'hit' on Gold and Silver in the wee hours today.
- Look at the time. Everyone is asleep...except the HFT algo's, so who'll even 'notice' eh?
It's not the perfect time to dump paper [read: naked shorts] IF your motive is trading for profit, but it IS absolutely a perfect time to use limitless unbacked paper to suppress the physical spot price mechanism (note how 'danger close' the Gold spot got to $1600/oz here)...this is the CONTROL MECHANISM that gives the CME's COMEX the deserved moniker CRIMEX.
- This is NOT 'price discovery' in a free market of buyers and sellers. In fact, this hasn't been a 'free' [read: unmanipulated] market for many years now, and to badly quote famed options trader/broker Ann Barnhardt here "If you're still in these markets you're either stupid or on drugs."

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