Tuesday 11 February 2020

Mayo Pete 'Wins' IOWA Dem Caucus, finally....................from Rico

...not that I give a crap about these demented Marxist authoritarians. I don't.
- I care even less about their 'debates' and it's a near thing to choose which is even lower...the Oscars/Hollywood.
They are all lower than whale shit. But I digress...
IOWA Dem Party has declared:
- Mayo Pete 26.2% for 14 delegates
- Commie Bernie 26.1% for 12 delegates
- Liawatha 18%
- Gropin' Joe 15.8%
Not that Democrats would lie, cheat, steal, fabricate, or misrepresent anything. Oh no!
- It's hard to discern between the Democrats-Communists or Muslims if you read what Viktor Orban has to say about them.

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