Friday 28 February 2020

Scaring the Kids - Ramping Up the Climate Hysteria for Future Votes................Dan T

Globalists at the UN and their climate change shock troops on the ground led by the national political elites, Hollywood celebrities and autistic Swedish school kid Greta Thunberg are getting increasingly worried that more people are questioning the climate change orthodoxy that human activity is killing the planet.

Their reaction to this eminent threat to their power grab is to change the terminology and ramp up the hysteria.  This is their tried and tested strategy to keep the momentum going when interest begins to wane, and climate realists start to gain some traction.

In the 1970’s the science was settled, and the debate was over when the experts claimed that catastrophic cooling and an imminent ice age was going to end civilization. Alas this failed to impress a public that was more informed than the brainwashed snowflakes and celebrity obsessed minions of today.

With the national political elites enticed with promises of absolute power over their charges, the scientific community seduced with lucrative taxpayer funded grants and the mainstream media primed for an onslaught of propaganda, man-made global warming was born.

When the global temperature and sea levels failed to rise as the computer models indicated and the predictions of impending doom across the natural world failed to materialize the name of the scam was changed from man-made global warming to climate change.

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