Friday 13 March 2020

COVID-19? It’s a Turkish Autocrat That’s Threatening Europe...................Dan T

While world leaders and the media are expending all their energy creating global hysteria about the consequences to global stability of the Corona virus, they are ignoring the consequences to global stability caused by Turkey’s warmongering in Syria and its infringements of the European Union's borders.

Despite being a NATO ally, Turkey is no friend of western Judeo-Christian civilization and less of a friend since the Islamist autocrat, Tayyip Erdogan, assumed power in Ankara.

Using membership of NATO as a shield, Erdogan is provoking the Russian bear in Syria hoping that NATO members will come to his aid should Putin tire of his provocation and attack. At the same time, he is deliberately destabilizing the European Union by transporting masses of economic migrants and Syrian refugees to the borders of Greece and Bulgaria and assisting them to destroy border defenses and cross into Europe illegally.

The migrants regard crossing these borders as the gateway to other EU member states and a plethora of welfare benefits which include free housing, healthcare, education and money. Unfortunately, some testosterone fueled young men among the migrants have an ingrained attitude toward western women who they believe are theirs for the taking with disastrous but predictable consequences.

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