Tuesday 24 March 2020

The Financial Pandemic........................from Rico

The Keynesian financial models require inflation. A lot of it. Our current models are based on this Modern Monetary Theory. More of the same, curing what ails us. [read: Getting out of debt by increasing debt].
- Weimar, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Venezuela are examples of what it does.
The 2007-2009 Financial Crisis was merely a prelude. A 'beta' of what was to come.
- $25 trillion was thrown into the pit to 'solve' it. It wasn't solved or resolved.
Today, the +$25 quadrillion in global derivatives and debt say the financial system is terminal.
- It has nothing to do with the WuFlu. It has everything to do with a flawed system being beyond repair, however.
The good news?
- Only on a day ending in [y].
Paper assets are contingent upon third-party liabilities, and paper gold & paper silver are NOT the same thing as physical.
- Try and actually swap unredeemable Federal Reserve Notes for physical Gold at $1700, or physical Silver at $17...or even their respective CRIMEX paper spots near $1493 and $12.53. No bid!
I expect this all to end badly. Very badly. How badly? Try:
- Bank holidays [read: banks shut down].
...plan accordingly, the ATM's will have already been unplugged when you awake to find the banks shuttered.
- Credit holidays [?].
It will be a hard reset. Best have some cash handy...
- TP? Hahahahahahha...

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