Saturday 14 March 2020

Turkish Crocodile Devours EU Appeasers in A Classic Shakedown...............Dan T

It was Great Britain’s wartime leader, Winston Churchill, who noted that “An appeaser is one that feeds the crocodile, hoping it will eat him last”.

This quote is proving to be true by the appeasement yet again of Turkey’s radical Islamist President, Tayyip Erdogan, by the leaders of the European Union.

Apropos the recent news that Erdogan is shaking down the EU leaders again by threatening to open the borders and flood Europe with refugees and migrants, has reached the predictable conclusion.

Reminiscent of Barack Obama's appeasement of the Ayatollah's, the cowardly EU leaders have caved in and agreed to pay the radical Islamic autocrat another five hundred and sixty-seven million dollars, (that’s $567,000,000), on top of the six billion+ dollars they handed over in 2016, for the same scam.  
When one considers that the U.N. is pouring money into Turkey, along with individual nations and any number of refugee agencies, the Turkish tyrant is making a killing by hosting refugees and migrants.

European taxpayers can rest assured that the Turkish tyrant will be back for more when this current half a billion runs out and he needs more military hardware or money to oppress an increasingly restless domestic population. 

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Mark Matis said...

Greece could easily fix the problem:

Combat trench along the border, with pill boxes and machine guns. Overlapping fields of fire. And USE them!!!