Thursday 19 March 2020

WuFlu - Get Real...................from Rico

Back in 1906 Alfred Henry Lewis observed that "there are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy" [read: food riots, I said that].
Observing the suddenly empty shelves reminded me of having read Adam Ferguson's When Money Dies
some years ago. Describing 1922 Germany's experience with hyperinflation and uncontrollable debt, the city dwellers (who had no farming skills) went through the countryside looting and pillaging because 'the farmers had food.'
I suspect the same pattern could happen here. The urban centers will run out of food first as supply chains break, empty shelves appear, and then stores close.* [remember 2000 Argentina or 2016 Venezuela?].
- The the government cracks down to 'restore order' and really fixes things, because governments have never done the 'right things' when threatened with loss of control and power [read: SHTF aka YOYO - you're on your own].
*So far 19 states have closed dine-in restaurants.  That's NOT going to make being an interstate trucker trying to deliver supplies any easier.

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