Tuesday 24 March 2020

WuFlu - Rubber meet Road....................from Rico

In just weeks we have seen decades happen and the world we all used to live in no longer exists.
- And the proverbial fat lady isn't singing yet, nor is she even warming up.
Whatever ultimately happens, this is turning out to be a 'come as you are' event with whatever you happen to have, not whatever you want to have...or wherever you may want to be. [Just heard Wisconsin was sent to its room, making ~15 states having locked-down....so far.]
So let's think about 'social distancing' for a moment.
- .30-06 is well and good, but .308 is more than adequate too...and if all you have is some 5.56 pew-pew that'll just have to do.
Say, that IS a nice Thunderbird!

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