Wednesday 8 April 2020

Blindfolding Liberty with Science...................from Rico

Is "Virus Science" any more accurate than "Climate Science?"
- Both use 'models' yet we haven't tried to implement policies embracing "Climate Science"...largely because of the death and destruction that would be caused.
- We HAVE shut the World down, and the US, based upon 'models' based upon "Virus Science."
04 APR the IMHE 'model' said 120,963-203,436 Americans would require hospitalization from Beer Virus.
- The reality was there were 18,998. That's an 84% 'miss' of the low end of that model.
That same 'model' projected 31,057 beds would be needed..
- The reality was 4,686. That's an 85% 'miss.' 
Watch closely as the, models continue to be revised downward in the days ahead as reality contradicts the 'models.'
While all this is unfolding, the usual suspects aren't letting this 'crisis' go to waste.
- Soros, Progressives, Democrats, et al are embracing the opportunity to push Coup Attempt #3 and implementing their agenda to fundamentally transform society & politics in accordance with their political desires.

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d said...

Good point and great example of what the country would look like under the green new deal except it would be worse. No grocery's or toilet paper.