Monday 6 April 2020

[What a surprise. not] RE: And it’s gone................from Rico

Well THAT didn't take long at all, did it?
- Vid that vanished (in mere hours?) was a series of civilian hand-held videos at different locations showing NOTHING HAPPENING and EMPTY hospital waiting rooms, parked emergency vehicles, etc juxtaposed with breathless MSM broadcasts saying that such-and-such a hospital or location was 'overwhelmed' and all the other fake news we've been buried under.
- Your average citizens went to those locations and looked for themselves, took videos, and it was pretty clear that ALL the MSM claims were HYPE and completely FALSE BS.
Like James Woods, I've wondered at the absence of such contemporaneous video documentary since everybody and God's French cousin has a smartphone capable of pics/videos.
- I've felt for years that the absence of any video captures of Bigfoot or Nessie, etc given the above is proof de facto of their nonexistence.
Have we been 'punked' and for what purpose?
- I still suggest you take the time to visit the George Carlin "Germs, Immune System..." on YouTube as long as that is still there. Prescient and prophetic from 20 years ago?


captcraig said...

It's not gone, I just accessed it on U-Tube.

Anonymous said...

Evil lies to gain power over those it wishes to control. Evil is exactly what they are and an enemy of freedom across the globe.

Anonymous said...

It's called a HIPPA violation "privacy issues". Trust me, I'm in one of the 4 ICU's in my small hospital in New Orleans, (there used to be two). I've worked 17 of the last 22 nights. Not complaining though, the food and pay is good.

Anonymous said...

PS; Why aren't we calling this the "Chi-Com virus".